Topic 1
Your are a consultant who has been engaged by the board of a large, publicly-listed company with significant overseas operations to help it in developing a code of conduct for its employees who negotiate contracts with both suppliers and corporate and public sector buyers of the company’s goods and services. You do not need to develop the code of conduct yourself, but your report to
the board should clearly state the code’s objectives and explain and justify the ethical and governance principles behind the standards of behavior, staff responsibilities, proper practices and unacceptable behavior that you recommend should be included in the code. Your report should be based on your own, independent research and critical analysis, refer to appropriate academic literature, including journal articles, and be supported with real life examples.
Topic 2
You are a consultant who has been requested by a public sector client to develop a whistle-blowing policy for the client’s agency. The client is concerned about the risks of fraud and corruption that could arise in the many dealings that the agency’s staff have with corporate partners and clients. Even though you do not have to develop the policy yourself, your report should explain how the policy will mitigate these risks, identify the sorts of inappropriate behavior that staff should report and who they should report it to, explain how staff reports will be handled, and recommend whistle-blower protections that should be included in the policy. Your report should be based on your own, independent research and analysis, refer to appropriate academic literature, including journal articles, and be supported with real life examples.

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