Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results


Microsoft Corporation the software giant headed by Bill Gates has been one of the finest Organizations of the Modern World. You can get more information at

Royal Mail Group is one of the UK’s largest companies and is the sole provider of the Universal Service, our 150,000 employees deliver parcels and letters to more than 29million addresses across the UK

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We are a leading provider of express parcel delivery through Parcelforce Worldwide, and our full-service marketing mail company, MarketReach helps businesses get more value from their direct mail. The Group is a key component of the UK’s economic and social infrastructure, providing services to private individuals, companies, and communities. In 2012 we contributed £5.3 billion to the UK economy through wages and other related people costs, and a further £2.4 billion in purchasing goods and services. General Logistics Systems (GLS) is Royal Mail Group’s continental European parcel carrier, operating across 37 countries, including Germany, France and Italy.

The GLS network operates through wholly-owned and partner companies and is globally connected through partner agreements. It acts as the Group’s gateway to continental Europe, opening up new opportunities and delivering European B2B parcels on behalf of Parcelforce Worldwide.

 Task 1

1.1. Evaluate the interrelationship between the different processes and functions of an organization like Microsoft Corporation (Outcome 1.1)

1.2. Suggest ways to map processes to the organization’s goals and objectives for the above organizations (Outcome 1.2)

1.3. Evaluate the output of the process and the quality gateways for Microsoft

Corporation (Outcome 1.3)

 Task 2

2.1 You are in the Finance Department of Royal Mail Group, design plans that promote goals and objectives for your own area of responsibility (Outcome 2.1)

2.2 Write objectives, which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based to align people and other resources in an effective and efficient way for your Department to the Company’s – Royal Mail Goals (Outcome 2.2)

2.3 Suggest method to implement appropriate systems to achieve objectives in the most efficient way, on time, to budget and meeting organizational standards of

quality (Outcome 2.3)

2.4 Form a Management Team like the one you have at Royal Mail and role play the

work activities meeting the operational plan through effective monitoring and

control (Outcome 2.4)

 Task 3

3.1 You are the ISO consultant for Royal Mail, design systems to manage and monitor quality standards specified by the organization (Outcome 3.1)

3.2 Discuss how the quality culture to ensure continuous monitoring, evaluation and

development of the process practiced in the company help Royal Mail to achieve ISO certification (Outcome 3.2)

3.3 Recommend improvements which align with the organization’s objectives and goals and which will result in improvements at Royal Mail (Outcome 3.3)

3.4 Make a report on the wider implications of proposed changes within the organization to the Management (Outcome 3.4)

 Task 4

Visit a Mall of your choice and make notes from the Health and Safety Consideration of the various aspects at the Mall

4.1 Carry out risk assessments as required by legislation, regulation and organizational requirements at the Mall you have visiting in the right HSE format (Outcome 4.1)

4.2 Demonstrate that health and safety regulations and legislation applicable at the Mall are correctly and effectively applied (Outcome 4.2)

4.3 Carry out a systematic review of organizational health and safety policies and

procedures in order to ensure they are effective and compliant at the Mall visited by you (Outcome 4.3)

4.4 Show how practical application of health and safety policies and procedures has been done in the Mall (Outcome 4.4)

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