Your line manager has requested a business style written report from you outlining the following areas to demonstrate your awareness of the organisation and its marketing. The assignment will prepare you for the business. The assignment MUST be in business report format ONLY and MUST include all sources of information in a ‘References’ section using Harvard Referencing. Students should wherever possible use labelled tables/diagrams and bullet points to ensure a concise presentation of the information. Templates for reports Students should very briefly outline the appropriate theory and models in this unit and be able to practically apply them to the organisation. Reading and referencing of the set book is compulsory and marks will be awarded for this. Please note the weighting of marks for each task and allocate the appropriate word count up accordingly.
Briefly outline the vision, mission, values and corporate objectives for the organisation you have chosen to write about

Using the set diagram from Chapter 21 – identify and briefly explain the stages in the planning process
Using a TABLE (which must be labelled), conduct an external audit of the industry in which your organisation operates in (STEPLE). All six sections must be completed equally with a minimum of one factor in every section. Each factor must be supported with real world evidence using the Harvard referencing system.
1. What the factor is
2. Does the factor pose threats or opportunities to your organisation?
3. What impact will this factor have on the organisation?
4. Summarise and conclude this whole section
5. Using the information from the PESTLE use a MATRIX conduct a SWOT analysis which relates to the organisation. Students should analyse the information and be able to draw a conclusion from the SWOT analysis

From all the information you have so far:
1. Identify the four fundamental areas within which marketing objectives may be defined (4)
2. Which one would you choose for your organisation and explain your reasons (2)
3. Identify two SMART marketing objectives for the organisation giving reasons for your decisions (4)

List the various types of marketing strategies from the set book and identify one strategy that you will recommend to the organisation (6). For the strategy chosen give reasons an example of how you might achieve this. Reference examples from other organisations related to your organisation are acceptable (4)

Marketing programmes – From the marketing strategy draw up a series of 6 planned marketing actions which you could implement (6) giving reasons for your decisions (4)

Marketing budgets
1. Find the annual accounts for the organisation and look at the profit and loss statement for the past year and scan this into the Appendix of your report, and then discuss the costs of marketing from the profit and loss statement (3)
2. Given what you know so far, forecast the next years marketing spend for the organisation bearing in mind the information gathered in your report so far. Will you be spending more or less on marketing during the coming year? (4)
3. Briefly outline why control and evaluation is important in the marketing planning process (3)

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