Read each question and answer with a paragraph

1.Describe how the sampling approach used can generate marketing research information. Describe other ways Numi can gather marketing research data from its advertising approach. When looking at the product life cycle, as products are offered to larger markets and the products themselves gain popularity, determine how they can maintain their exclusive “not for everyone” feel. Provide ideas how Numi can avoid pushing the product into decline.

2.A local civic organization has asked you to give a luncheon presentation about planned obsolescence. Rather than pursuing a negative approach by talking about how businesses exploit customers through planned obsolescence, you have decided to talk about the benefits of producing products that do not last forever. Select three products where planned obsolescence could be used in the future and explain your rationale. On the other side of the issue (even though not in your presentation), describe how businesses exploit customers through planned obsolescence

3.Describe three products whose adoption rates have been affected by complexity, compatibility, relative advantage, observability, and / or trialability. Identify three product categories in the maturity stage of the product life cycle that are posed to be reinvented rather than eliminated and explain your rationale for your selection.

4. Assess a company’s marketing strategy that you shop at frequently, with a focus on marketing mix. Make at least one recommendation for how that company could improve the mix and attract more customers. Explain your rationale. Analyze your favorite service company to determine what marketing challenges it faces and whether these challenges are the same faced by your favorite nonprofit organization

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