•Go to the website to explore the industries listed at the bottom of the landing page. From the Activity, choose one industry and describe a product that it could export to a foreign country. State your reasoning for choosing the product and country. When choosing a product, think of companies that do not currently have a global focus.

•Go to the Central Intelligence Agency’s The World Factbook website to explore a country of your choice. From the Activity, determine what product it could export and discuss why this product could be successful in that country. Make sure to explore and report the demographics of the country, as well as any transnational concerns listed.

•Read the case study Product RED. From the case study, discuss the reason of RED’s success and its impact on consumer marketing. Include in your answer other companies that have been successful selling social causes or cause-related merchandise. Discuss how too much social cause marketing can affect consumer’ s decision-making process and post-purchase behavior. Include in your answer companies that have oversaturated the cause-related marketing and your opinion of the effects on long-term sales.

•Select one of your favorite consumer products and determine how you could turn it into a business product (essentially taking a B-to-C product and turning it into a B-to-B product). Provide specific examples to support your response.

•Analyze recent trends in B-to-B Internet marketing to determine what the next emerging trend might be. Explain your rationale.

Determine how Recycline could leverage its vendors for recyclable products into a marketing campaign. Include in your answer what recyclable products would lend it to different market segments.

•When looking at positioning Recycline into a business product instead of a consumer product, discuss the possibilities of creating strategic alliances for recyclable products as well as techniques to build relationships with businesses

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