For the assignment, design a banner ad for your fictional company you’re re-marketing in the semester project. Design a concise, clear, useful banner ad that will “sell” your business on other sites.

There are two deliverables to this assignment, both of which can be in the same Word document file. They are:

1.      The banner ad itself: decide what needs to go on the ad, using whatever clipart and graphics (perhaps your logo, your tagline, name of company, what the ad is ‘selling’, and so on). Create this using Word. Make it a realistic size!

Check out banner ads online and get some ideas. See the Pro Flowers banner ad, above, to start with.

2.      On the second page of your Word, give me ten (10) web pages on which you might want to place your banner ad.

Given your company, what would be a good selling spot? These should be real companies, and I’d like you to give me each company’s URL and a brief 1-2 sentence reason why you feel your ad should appear there.

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