You have a small business just off Main Street in your local college town (choose one business for this project: a coffee shop, a bar, or a small cafe). The location and the target market are ideal. The college graduates nearly 4,000 students per year and has a solid alumni base since its football team has a loyal following.

Even better, the college has permitted you to sell select college merchandise (shirts, flags, pennants, etc) and has agreed to keep you informed of events ahead of time so that you can market them appropriately.

But after years of flat revenue, you realize you are getting about the same amount of customers year after year even though most of them graduate and move on each year. It’s time to see some growth.

You decide to market your business using e-marketing principles you have been looking into. Before you begin, you consider some issues:

l       The college is in a rural area. It’s picturesque, but once students graduate, they move back to the big city an hour away to get those high-priced jobs;

l       There are a number of bars, coffee shops, and cafes in the area. You have noticed that none of them do much advertising and certainly don’t market using technology (e-marketing). You think you have a real opportunity here.

l       You have a small web site, but it’s not very appealing, and only has your phone and email on its Home Page. Sometimes you forget the site is there. But that has to change..

Part 1 (Deliverable 1)
for part 1 of this project you must carefully consider who and what you want to be, and find an appropriate brand for your business.

You’re never had a brand before, just your name (JENNY) on a sign outside the building.

You are to:

  1. Decide whether the business is a bar, coffee shop, or cafe. (Your choice)

  1. Re-name the business. The business current name is not catchy or memorable, and you want to re-name it to coincide with this new marketing endeavor.

  1. Design a brand and logo (or tag-line) that is appropriate for your future business that will look good both in print and online. (If you have software to do this, use that; if not, just select some appropriate clip-art and design a tag-line.) Do some research on branding.

  1. Write up a 2-page summary discussing your reason to re-launch the business using e-marketing to generate new customers and hopefully retain old ones. In your write-up, be sure to mention the Five W and what each is, in your case. (Do not yet discuss your marketing campaign).

  1. Include your brand and logo, as created above, as an appendix to the summary.

  1. Using site, design a brief digital ad that you will include with your write-up, either saving it off as an image or taking a screen shot and pasting it in an appendix to the summary (i.e., it is not part of your 2-page summary).

Be sure to refer to it in the summary. This digital content ad should be designed around the announcement that you are re-launching your business and be visually attractive and appealing.

Be creative  but be brief, and include your logo in this digital ad, if at all possible. If you are unable to, at least upload the clip art you selected for your logo to the ad.

  1. Design and include a QR code (more info on this later).

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