Marketing : Final Assessment: Project

  • You are to work on a project to market the brand of consumer products assigned to your group earlier in the Group Assignment using findings from the Group Assignment “Oral Presentation”.
  • You will use the findings that you realized in the group assignment.
  • In your project you will apply the marketing mix to one marketing opportunity for the brand inferred by your group.
  • Individually under controlled assessment conditions at a specific time and location during week 17, you will write an individual report paper explaining how to apply the marketing mix to one marketing opportunity to the brand used by the group earlier.

Proposed Product

Clearly mention the product launch based on the findings from the market research.  Fully describe the product in terms of the core, actual and augmented levels.

Proposed Price

The product price is structured based on the findings as well with elaboration on the pricing strategy used and reasons behind  using this specific strategy.

Proposed Distribution Channel (Place)

Proposing the most suitable distribution channel for the product clearly.

Proposed Promotion

Developing a thorough promotion mix covering all the elements that might be used or where it is applicable  ex. Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Publicity, Direct Marketing.

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