Maronites and the Identity crisis

The research is intended to try to identify the Maronites identity and their impacts on the political formation of the region.
Please follow the following instructions :
*Your paper should have a strong central argument, clearly stated on the first page of the paper. The tone of your paper should be argumentative, not descriptive; you are presenting and supporting a central argument.

*Once you have narrowed and focused your topic, identify 6-7 books or articles in scholarly journals on the assigned topic (internet sources are acceptable only if they are academic journals). Since our interest for this assignment is to make a scholarly argument, your information sources must NOT include editorials or opinion pieces. Your paper will be most interesting if you include at least one article which presents a perspective different from your own, or two or more articles which disagree and/or contradict each other. Analyze these authors’ treatment of the problem; synthesize their ideas to form a conclusion or recommendation that is based on the evidence. Furthermore, you should use evidence to support your main argument, such as examples or quotations. Any evidence you use should be clearly linked to your central argument.

*At the end of the paper, you should restate your argument, and summarize how the evidence you have presented proves your argument. You can also use your conclusion to (briefly) speculate on the broader implications of your research, or to raise interesting questions for further study.

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