Mobile Security Threats and Crimes

Thesis:  The landscape of how we do business, interact with friends and family and how we live our lives is drastically changing to an online presence. Not too long ago users were sitting at a computer desk for long hours to accomplish tasks and communicating all from a desktop computer. But now that has become a thing of the past. Now users are breaking the wire and becoming a mobile workforce and mobile socially. Devices such as the smartphone and tablet have brought more people into the computer age than any other device to date.  But with so many people mobile what does this mean for criminals?

First Subtopic – Mobile Devices

           Detail – Smartphones (Gerhardt, 2013)
Detail – Tablets Gerhardt, 2013)
           Detail – Smaller laptops
 Detail – Future mobile devices such as Google glass (McFerran, 2013)
Second Subtopic – Threat to Security

Detail – Malware and Smishing
Detail – Jailbroke Devices (Wiatrak, Cook & Olsen, 2013)
Detail – WiFi concerns (Shaw, 2012)
Detail – Vulnerabilities in apps and devices (TrendMicro, 2013)

Third Subtopic – Mobile devices used to commit crimes

Detail – Stalking and Harassment (Scheck, 2012)
Detail – Underage Pornography (Drexel, 2013)
Detail – Blackmail and money laundering (Drexel, 2013)

Fourth Subtopic – Protecting mobile devices

Detail – 5 steps for protecting devices (Olzak, 2008)
Sub Detail – Store only necessary items on the devices
Sub Detail – Protect data over unsecure wireless
Sub Detail – Configure devices correctly
Sub Detail – Encrypt Sensitive information
Sub Detail – Backup critical information
Detail – Clear information off device before disposing (InfoSec, 2013)

Detail – Do not open or follow links sent that are not trusted
Detail – Do not leave unattended

Fifth Subtopic – Conclusion

With more and more people going mobile these devices will become a haven for thieves and criminals to steal information, steal money and maybe even take a person’s life. Following good security measures and practicing safety precautions can help keep you, your family and your business have a pleasant and rewarding online and mobile experience.

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