Modern Islam in Africa

Islam in Africa is multifaceted and heavily influenced by colonial policies-may not apply to all countries on the continent-and of course the pre-Islamic religious traditions pertinent in a particular area.

Read three articles about Islam in Africa, concerning the way Islam is practiced on the continent. The easiest way of doing that would be to simply select three countries in Africa, and add the term Islam (i.e. Sudan and Islam or South Africa and Islam, etc.). Do not use the North African countries since they are mostly inhabited by Arab tribes and are located north of the Sahara and hence not included in this segment.

The articles need not be related in any manner other than the fact that they deal with Islam in Africa. The point here is that we want to explore the many facets of African Islam and not belabor one point or issue.

1. Write at least one paragraph each about the three different articles, including the first one. Tell me what you think about the readings-yes, your opinion!

2. Create a PowerPoint presentation that shows us the various issues faced by Muslims in Africa-using the three articles as reference.

Imagine your audience to be somewhat informed about the basic tenets of Islam, but ignorant of Islam in Africa. Keep in mind that this course is about modern Islam, I do not want you to research the history of it. Just concentrate on current day affairs.

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