Modernities Lab Final Assessment

Review-Writing Research Project
During the Modernities Lab we have considered a range of art historical/theoretical approaches to writing about, or with, art. In your coursework project you engaged in various forms of review writing and took on the position of a critic through your own account of an art exhibition or gallery show of your own choice.
For this piece of final assessed work you will do the following — note that this is a 3-part
1. Write a review of one of the set texts for the Modernities Lab Course . Assume that the kind of reader your review is addressing is educated and informed but not necessarily someone who knows the text your are reviewing or the particular issues being explored in it. (500 – 1,000 words)
2. Write a review of a current exhibition of your choice. Here, you may rework or update your 500 word coursework review, expanding on it in ways you feel to be appropriate. (500 – 1,000 words)
3. Referring to the two reviews you have written as part of this submission, and to the various ideas explored on this course, reflect on different approaches to criticism, referring to at least 3 texts/ critics. Do different kinds of art call for different critical approaches and raise different issues?

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