Part A

Watch the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”.  Answer the following questions while you watch the movie:

1.     What kinds of vegetables was the produce vender at the beginning selling? What did Joe buy?

2.     Why did Joe come to the states?

3.     Where was he going for the first 30 days?

4.     Joe says he had been focusing on his wealth rather than his what?

5.     What do histamines do?

6.     What is the side effect of histamines?

7.     What did Joe do after graduating high school?

8.     Explain what is meant by ‘juice fasting’?

9.     What is the percentage of the American diet that is processed food?

10. When Joe gets his results back from his blood test after fasting, what news does he get?

11.  By day 52, how many pounds has Joe lost?

12. What was the result of Joe’s 60 day fast?

13. Who called Joe for help and where did they first meet?

14.  What did the doctor say Phil had to look forward too if he didn’t lose weight?

15. Who was Phil able to help in his family?

16.  What sort of career change did Phil make?


Part B

Write a 2 page (TYPED–12 pt normal font, normal margins, normal double line spacing) paper detailing your response to this movie.  Use these questions to help guide your response:  What parts of the movie did you like?  Which did you not like?  Do you think that the juice fast is a good idea?  Why or why not?  In your answer, include both some advantages and some disadvantages to this type of ‘diet’.  Name and describe at least two things in the movie that you were able to relate to class material.  Include any other thoughts you had regarding specific events in the movie, and provide enough detail so that I can tell you actually watched the movie in its entirety.

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