Network Modeling and Design, and Network Security

1. Chapter 11 – Network Modelling & Design

Driven by market requirements of network optimization and network performance, providers are continuously researching and developing tools for network design and operation. There are many providers out there with their network design tools . For example. OPNET a discrete event s simulation, Juniper’s JunosphereLab and Ipswitch’s WhatsUP Professional, to name a few.

11.2, p. 441. Collect information about two network design tools; compare and contrast what they can and cannot do.

2. Chapter 10 – Network Security

Network security has become increasingly important. Network controls is a paramount component of network modeling and design. They are necessary to reduce or possibly eliminate threats. In 500 + words write a short essay on ONE of these preventive controls:

10-5, p. 395. Investigate the capabilities and costs of an intrusion prevention system

10-7, p. 395. Investigate the capabilities and costs of an online backup service.

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