New in America paper

In the early 1900s, hundreds of European immigrants arrived at Ellis Island in New York harbor each day to be processed for permission to enter the United States. A so-called melting pot of cultures came together starting in that place by standing in line, with a desire to seize the opportunities of a new country. They have been followed by millions of other immigrants coming to America.

Resources: Racial and Ethnic Relations and Racial and Ethnic Groups
Research two immigrant groups that have become assimilated to one degree or another into American society.
Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper, addressing the following:

o o Explain why each group chose to migrate to the United States.
o o Identify the geographical areas where each group settled.
o o Describe the influence other racial or ethnic groups had on each group once they migrated.
o o Describe the influence each group had on other racial or ethnic groups it came in contact with.
o o Explain how the power-conflict theory applies to these ethnic groups.
o o Explain how the concept of multiculturalism might be applied to these two groups.
o o Provide examples of how these groups’ customs, beliefs, and values have or have not become incorporated into American society.

Pick any two immigrant groups that you are comfortable with.

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