News Analysis

According to the Study Plan and the Schedule, you are required to find a news or magazine article from the world-wide-web that relates to the material that we have been recently learning. This means that your research and writing should be about the principles of the course from the section (or sections) that was most recently covered. You are also not allowed to do a news analysis on a future section that has not yet been covered (nor a past session). Connect to the principles of the course that you learned during the previous week!

Try to read an article from The articles should have been recently published.

Your goal is to show how an article can connect (can be analyzed) by the principles of economics that you have been learning. Your effort toward this goal is evaluated.

The written format of your news analysis is rigid. See the example.

500 words minimum must be written in the required format demonstrating the principles of the course.

On the subject line – type News Analysis Homework
Please – only use this special subject heading for this assignment. You should select unique subjects for any other emails that you might like to send to your instructor.

In the body of the paper, put your name at the top, the news or magazine source, and the specific url (web address) where the article can be found. (The url must be specific enough so that I could go to the very place and read the same article that you read.)

On a separate line, list the terms/principles of economics from the course that the article relates to.

The first one or two sentences should summarize in your own words what you read. (You may not use phrases or sentences from the source article.)

The next sentences should explain in your own words how the article connects to what you have been learning. You need to connect to the most recent principles that you have learned from the section of the course most recently completed. In these sentences, you must use terms/language/principles from that section of the course. Please type the terms in bold (or highlight or use CAPS) as seen in the example.

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