Organizational Behavior

Select an organization of your choice and critically analyze it using two different metaphors. You should present your organizational analysis in a written essay.

After you complete this analysis, critically reflect on your task by addressing two areas: first, what is the importance of a multi-perspective approach to analyzing organizations? And, second, what have you learned about yourself doing the task?
Please consider the following when planning essay:
1,A brief introduction of the organization you have selected.
2,A brief discussion on the aspects of the two metaphors(from Morgan’s Images of Organization) that you wish to develop in relation to your reading of the organization.
3,A brief discussion of why you have chosen these two metaphors over the others in Morgan’s text.
4,Your analysis of the organization should using the metaphors.
5,A critique of the two metaphors in relation to your reading of the organization(this may include a discussion of the benefits and weakness of each chosen metaphors).
6,A complete list of references following the APA style.In your reference list include web links to the organization and any other internet sources that you need.
7,Your organization needs to be suitable for the metaphors chosen.
8,You can chose any organization(any size,location,type,industry etc.)as long as the metaphors chosen work.
9,Data will be needed to understand the way in which the organization works and functions,therefore you should select metaphors appropriate to that data.
10,Data can include company websites,articles in the press,interviews with staff,company documentation etc.
11, Additional references are required outside of Morgan’s text.
12,This essay requires you to develop your research skills.Research the company well. Research the literature well.

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