Organizational Mission, Vision, Values & Philosophy Discussion Board

The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with the opportunity to apply course content covered in Module 2. Use the dedicated discussion forum in Canvas for this assignment. Review these instructions, the grading criteria for the assignment as outlined in the grading rubric, and relevant content in the text before you begin to avoid unnecessary loss of points on this assignment. This assignment constitutes 5% of your grade for this course.

Review the Mission, Vision, Values and Philosophy statement(s) for your organization (or a past organization if you are not currently working). Not all organizations have developed all four elements. Use the ones relevant to your organization.
In an initial discussion board posting, describe…

The organization’s Mission, Vision, Values & Philosophy
The extent to which you do or do not see consistency between these statements and leadership behaviors and/or decisions in your work area/unit and/or the organization
Any evidence of cognitive dissonance among the individuals working in your area/unit (Hint: See page 152 in the text).

3. Read and provide a substantive response to the postings of at least two other students. Your reply postings should be thoughtful and reflect application of relevant course content.

Be sure to get your initial and reply posts on the discussion board in a timely manner to provide time for discussion and to contribute to group learning.

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