Parenting Curriculum Project

Developing a parenting lesson

Purpose: state what this class is about and who will benefit from this lesson. The more specific your purpose is with your age group, issues, and what you like to achieve, the more likely your lesson will be a success.

Class participation: indicates who should be involved.

Objectives: goals are vague ideas whereas objectives can be measured. For instance, I like to have good grades for this semester is a goal; whereas “I will turn in every single assignment on time is an objective. Getting good grades does not have criteria. However, it is fairly clear whether a student has submitted an assignment on time or not. (Please refer to the vocabulary handout provided for this section.

Materials: what will be needed to run your class (paper, pencils, DVD player, computer, etc).

Cost: how much it costs for per participant. Also, you may want to consider to provide child care, particularly offering a class to young couples (parents).

– Second page

Outline: this is a section where you would need to provide a clear outline and specify how many minutes you need to cover each section of your lesson.

– Third page and on

Introduction: Welcome the participants. Introduce who you are and why you are offering this lesson.

Mini-lecture: brief overview of background information. This is the section where you can talk about a lot of statistics and research findings relative to your topic.

Major concepts: Concepts that are not common sense need to be explained. For instance, you may not need to explain verbal and nonverbal communication. You may need to talk about active listening or “I” message.

Activities: This is the hands on section. You would need to design activities that are related to your lesson. For instance, you may demonstrate how to bath a baby to a group of new parents first. Then divide the whole class into small groups to learn how to bath a baby doll by following steps you talked about in your talk.

Discussion: This is where you can ask questions and allow participants to raise questions.

Conclusion: briefly summarize what you talked about today, especially the main points.

– Handouts/activities: any handouts you may have will go to this section. You can also
Provide useful websites or book list.

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