Book VII develops the famous analogy of the cave.
Two questions:

Q1 Explain what the analogy of the cave means.

Q2 Why do you agree or disagree with the analogy
of the cave?
2/ From Descartes, Meditation I and II :

Q1 Explain how Rene arrives at his 1st Principle.
(Reading Questions 1-5 might help with answering this Q1.)
Q2 After reaching the 1st Principle, Rene then asks what the “I” is. Rene goes through several possibilities, and concludes that he is a thinking thing. Explain how Rene arrives at this conclusion from the 1st Principle.
Q3 Do you agree that humans are essentially minds or souls?
Q4 Rene asks: “Then what was there in the wax that I comprehended so distinctly?” Explain how Rene answers this question.

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