1/ at first, construct an outline of the main arguments or points.

2/ Apology:

Q1 Explain the rumors against Socrates, and how he responds to them.

Q2 Explain how Socrates responds to the first legal charge.

Q3 Explain how Socrates responds to the second legal charge.

Q4 What does Socrates mean by “improvement of the soul and virtue,”
and why do you agree or disagree?

Q5 What does Socrates mean by the “unexamined life is not worth
living,” and why do you agree or disagree?

3/ Crito:

Q6 Explain Socrates’ argument for not escaping from prison.

Q7 Explain why you agree or disagree with Socrates.

4/ King:

Q8 Explain: “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Q9 Explain the differences between unjust laws and just laws.

Q10 Under what conditions is it permissible to break the law?

Q11 According to King, what is the purpose of law and order?

Q12 What’s King’s view of the role of the Church on social justice?

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