Political science

In the chapter ‘A Movement of Movements’, the author points out that anti-capitalism lacks both a unifying ideology and a leader, and is composed instead of different groups of people with related but different ideas about how capitalism should be reformed. Summarize the ideas of THREE of these four different groups of people:

1) Radicals (pp. 74-77)

2) Liberal Interventionists ( pp 77- 82)

4) Liberal internationalism (pp. 83 ff)

5) Groups that advocate a return to social democracy (pp. 88 ff)

Which of these four groups do you identify with most and why? What do you find attractive about the alternative to neoliberal capitalism that your group is proposing?

Naomi Klein argues that there is a connection between branding and the preference of multinational corporations for temps, part-time workers, freelancers and the outsourcing of production to developing countries. Write two or three paragraphs that (a) sketch out her ideas and (b) explain how you feel about this phenomenon.

What is ‘global localization’? Explain this phenomenon using the example of McDonalds by analysing how and why it adapts to different markets in THREE of these different countries: Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, the UK and Sweden.

Pieterse argues that there are three main perspectives on cultural difference: the ‘clash of civilizations’ theory that focuses on difference; cultural convergence theory that focuses on sameness, and the theory of cultural hybridization that focuses on mixing. Which of these three do you find most convincing and why?

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