Prepare a Work Breakdown Schedule and a Risk Analysis

Work Breakdown Schedule

Develop a Work Breakdown Structure for your project based on the identified goals from your Unit 1 Lab Assignment. Provide a detailed assessment that stems from the various components of the project to the work package stage. You will assess the personnel needs for the project. For example, how many team members will be needed to achieve the project goals? What are their positions in the organization? Construct a Responsibility Matrix (RAM) that demonstrates the interrelationship among the team members.

Create a Personnel Table—you should have at least 5 people.
Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). You should have at least 6 deliverables and 2 Work Packages. (You do NOT need to use Microsoft Project to create this WBS. You can create your own chart in your Word file. If you do opt to use MS Project, to view WBS codes, display the sheet view. Enter each activity on the MS Project task sheet. On the Project menu, point to WBS, and then click Define Code.)
Create a simple Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) for this project, identifying at least 5 fictitious project team members. You should consider team members’ abilities, qualifications, and strengths and weaknesses.

Risk Analysis

Conduct a risk analysis of your project:

Create a Sample Risk Analysis containing at least 5 risks.
Have at least one quantitative risk.
How might you mitigate these risks?

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