Privacy of Social Application


  1. Introduction
    1.1- motivation:

(social applications widespread use, privacy challenges, etc.)

Social applications and other issues related to social applications , talk about twitter and Facebook for example
Talk about people addicted to social application and productivity limitation.
Lately talk about privacy

Second section 1.2- issues and objective:
Talk about Why privacy is an issue and reasons for example : tools are not enough , lack of techniques to address , you can talk also about p3p for web privacy
In the objective write the study of existing solutions for these issues

Finally in the introduction the contribution
1.3- contribution:
What are the outcomes you came out with

Some statistics on legal cases (internationally and locally) related to privacy in social applications

Report organization

Literature review

    1. Definitions and concepts (e.g., privacy from  legal, technical, and social perspectives)
    2. Existing works on privacy in social applications (case studies (people posting others’ photos are reported frequently in the media), privacy specifications for Web applications, etc.)

Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) analysisP3P description (purpose, features, etc.)

Towards a new specification for privacy in social applications

Recommendations for a new specification



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