Project Risk Management

Discussion Questions (Need a minimum of a 150 words per question). In your own words.

  1. Explain why user signoff is so important in IT projects. Why are some groups resistant to sign off during various phases of a project? What could a project manager do to address the issue?
  2. Which presents the greater risk – a project relying on new technology or a project relying on aging/old technology? Give examples.
  3. “Of the 9 knowledge areas, risk management is likely the most foreign and least used by the IT community.” Explain why you think this is so and discuss whether you agree with this statement.
  4. Discuss why IT differs from other types of work and is more challenging in terms of risk management.
  5. Explain why it is important to have a method and a plan defined before selecting tools. Why in IT does this seem to occur the other way around (i.e., the tool is selected and implemented without clear objectives and directives)?

Instruction for Individual Assignment:

Consider the following scenario:

Train Wreck in progress. A mid-size development team (about 15 people) is 5 weeks into a 30-week project. Some had major concerns during initial planning that were never resolved (to your satisfaction). Now you find yourselves part of the way over a cliff: the architecture direction is misguided, the business plan doesn’t make complete sense, and the team is overly scattered and not focused on the same goals. The project already has significant momentum, and management doesn’t see the danger or feel concern about the problem (although the warning signs of low quality, continuing arguments, and fuzzy requirements are showing).

Answer the following questions:

As a project manager in the middle of a project, how should you work to prevent what you think is a train wreck in progress? How can you protect the development team, and the project, from what you think will be painful major changes in the next four or five weeks? How do you save a project that is starting to run off its rails? Identify the issues and risks associated with this scenario and discuss their impact. You should discuss your approach for prevention and mitigation. Prepare a risk list that lists each risk, the impact, and the prevention/mitigation approach.

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