Psychology and Education

Research paper on Bulimia
2 or more scholarly  sources- appropriate references include psychology books, journals and newspaper articles. Internet sources are not acceptable and no googling info. Scholarly sources include journal articles that you can obtain off of EBSCO Host, or books that pertain topics you can check out of library.

Paper Instruction
*2 or more Scholarly sources
*Apa format, with title page, reference page and proper parenthetical citations, paper at least 6 pages long
*Description of Bulimia (signs and symtoms)
*Discussion of possible etiology (causes)
*Integrate ONE theoretical model that explains development of disorder (Bulimia)
*Discription of the course of disorder (What population does it most affect? Average age offset? How long do symptoms last?)
*Discussion of treatment methods
*Description of individual you know who has or is diagnosed with psychological disorder you are researching or show symptoms of another type of disorder/mental illness. What were the symptoms? Was treatment sought? Effectiveness of treatment? How did the disorder affect individual’s life? (Keep confidentiality in mind!)

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