Qualitative Design-Analysis Interpretation

Hypothetical Research : Does having sexual intercourse at least once a day helps maintain a happy marriage?

Part I: (Page 1):

Collecting data is a formidable task that requires a lot of time and patience. Analyzing the massive amounts of data that results from these inquiries is even more daunting. Explain the process that you would use to analyze data from a qualitative inquiry. Note the methodology that you would use and how you would attempt to interpret the results that you found in your analysis.

Part II (Page 2):

How your work is evaluated often depends on the theoretical framework of the person judging the results. A supporter of your framework will likely be more apt to agree with the results of your inquiry. The criteria that you choose to emphasize in your work will depend on the purpose of your inquiry, the values and perspectives of the audiences for your work, and your own philosophical and methodological orientation. If you created a qualitative analysis from beginning to end and were invited to present your inquiry to a group of your peers, how would you respond to people who do not agree with your approach, framework, methodology, or results? How would you defend your hard work?

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