Questions and Assignments for Psychology

Unit One – Question # 1 – Six Approaches

How would each of the six approaches in Module One analyze violence?

Unit One – Question #2 – Role of Psychology

What role does psychology play in your professional or personal life?

Unit One – Question #3 – Managing Stress

Which of the six approaches to psychology would you use to help people manage stress?

Unit One – Question #4 – Debriefing

What is debriefing, and why is it important?

Unit One – Question #5 – Testimonials vs. Research

Why do some people put more faith in testimonials than in proven research?

Unit One – Assignment #1 – Scientist

You are a scientist in a lab and your boss just gave you a piece of tissue. How would you determine if it came from the brain or from a muscle?

Unit One – Question # 6 – Part of Brain
If you had to give up one part of your brain, which one would you sacrifice? Why?

Unit Two – Processes of Brain

Explain the processes your brain would use to enable you to still read the message on a faded and torn billboard?

Unit Two – Subliminal Tapes

Are subliminal tapes useful or are they just a waste of money?

Unit Two – Fear of Flying

Using the terms and procedures of Classical Conditioning, can you explain how a person might develop a fear of flying?

Unit Two – Fear of Dentists

Thinking as a parent (whether you are one or not) how would you decrease the chances that your child will become fearful of dentists?

Unit Two – Discipline

Why might parents yell, threaten, or spank a child rather than use a time-out to deal with a child’s constant refusals?

Unit Two – Behavioral Principles

According behavioral principles, explain why the following events have occurred:

•A woman who received money for cleaning her room becomes a slob when she gets a place on her own.
•The parents of a young boy scold him every time he is caught sucking his thumb, but the thumb sucking continues.

Unit Two – Behavioral Modification Program

Develop a behavioral modification program using the principles of classical, operant, or cognitive learning to change an undesirable behavior of your choosing.

Unit Three – Question #1 – Brain Scans

Would brain scans be a less biased and more culture free measure of intelligence than the standard IQ test? Why or Why Not?

Unit Three – Question #2 – Memory

What would be different about your life if your life if you had declarative memory but no procedural memory?

Unit Three – Question #3 – Traumatic Memories

Why do people who suffer traumatic situations such as sexual abuse, divorce, or job loss have difficulty getting on with their lives?

Unit Three – Question #4 – Forgetting

What are the benefits of forgetting?

Unit Three – Question #5 – Language

When a parrot speaks perfect English and understands dozens of commands, can we conclude that it is using language?

Unit Three – Assignment #1

How would you teach someone to think more creatively?
This week’s assignments:

Unit Four – Question #1

We sometimes hear the phrase “I couldn’t help myself. I was overcome by rage.” Are we in control of our emotions or do they control us? What is the impact on society if people believe that they don’t have any control over their emotions?

Unit Four – Question #2

If PET scans could identify emotions, would our criminal justice system benefit from knowing whether violent criminals felt guilt for their crimes?

Unit Four – Question #3

How might an infant influence the process of attachment to the caregiver?

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