Regulation Lax as Gas Wells’ Tainted Water Hits Rivers

Go to the article on hydrofracting for natural gas in today’s New York Times.
Respond to one (and only one) of the following scenarios:

a. Assume you are the Secretary of Environmental Management for the (imaginary) state of Bliss; Bliss has more potential natural gas reserves than does the state of Pennsylvania. Write a memo to the governor of Bliss outlining what he should mandate for state policy concerning hydrofracting in the state. Bliss has an unemployment rate of 9.9%, and the governor is a strong supporter of President Obama’s desire to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Your recommendations should include considerations of both technical and ethical issues. You should provide specific references to the NY Times article and to the Canons of Ethics for any engineering society you choose.

b. Assume that you have just graduated from WMU in engineering, and have accumulated a mountain of student debt that you have to pay off before you can marry your soul mate. You are offered a very high paying job in the state of Bliss managing a crew of drillers for natural gas using hydrofracting. Discuss whether you would accept the job, why you would accept, and in what ways, if any, the Canons of Ethics (for any professional society you care to choose) might guide your decision.

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