Regulation & Licensing

1. Sandwich chain Subway is currently trying to get a federally registered trademark for the term “FOOTLONG.” What challenges are they likely to encounter in this process? How would they be able to prevail?

2. You pay a website developer to create a website for you. The developer supplies all of the content, and you pay him to put the site together. The two of you subsequently have a falling out, and you demand the website content from him so that you can supply it to another developer. He refuses claiming that he owns the copyright to the material? Is he correct? How could any misunderstanding as to ownership have been prevented?

3. In the course of seeking accommodations, you note that all of the hotels in town charge $9.95 for Internet access. Could this be an antitrust violation? If so, what type of violation would it be, and how would it be established? What more do you need to know?

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