Response to an article

Paulo Freire’s essay “The Banking Concept of Education” is a difficult read. First off, we know (as close readers) that EN 106 is not the original audience for his work; however, the fact that Freire’s essay is oft-anthologized for courses like ours tells us that there are ideas here of relevance even when we take the work out of its original cultural and historical context.

Answer these two:

1. How would you paraphrase Freire’s central argument, his thesis? What key moments, key words, and key phrases in the essay clarify his thesis for you? Make sure to mention specifics from the texts.

2. At the end of Freire’s essay, he discusses the importance of “communication.” Explain.

In your responses, demonstrate an understanding of this week’s reading and lecture material about how to incorporate and cite direct quotations, paraphrases, and summaries.

Draw from the strategies Greene and Lidinsky offer for integrating direct quotations and paraphrases (see pp. 182 – on). For all references, use correct MLA in-text citations.

PAGE 2 should be formatted in the worksheet for writing a summary that will be sent as an attachment

Steps to Writing a Summary* (Greene and Lidinsky 151)

Describe the key claims of the text. To understand the shape and direction of the argument, study how paragraphs begin and end, and pay attention to the author’s point of view and use of transitions. Then combine what you have learned into a few sentences describing the key claims.
Select examples to illustrate the author’s argument. Find one or two examples to support each key claim. You may need only one example when you write your summary.
Present the gist of the author’s argument. Describe the author’s central idea in your own language with an eye to where you expect your argument to go.
Contextualize what you summarize. Cue your readers into the conversation. Who is the author? Where and when did the text appear? Why was the author writing? Who else is in the conversation?
You will do this by completing a worksheet offered by Greene and Lidinsky. In this worksheet, you will identify key claims and examples Freire offers, and your sense of the “gist” of the essay. You will find a copy of the worksheet in the Document Sharing area of our course (by clicking on the “Doc Sharing” tab at the top of the screen), or you can reconstruct it on your own computer from p. 150 of Greene and Lidinsky’s text.

Note that you are to identify key claims in the text, identified by paragraphs; you do not need an entry for each paragraph, only those that contain what you feel to be a key claim.

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