Response to an Article

Let’s read rhetorically to understand Loewen’s central claims and the ways that he tries to persuade us of those claims. Let’s also engage in some synthesis of Loewen and Freire’s ideas.

page 1 of the paper needs to answer these two questions:

1.In Chapter 4, Greene and Lidinsky present the idea of reading to discover a writer’s “frame,” “the perspective through which a writer presents his or her arguments.” What “frame” is Loewen using? How is that frame similar and/or different from Freire’s? What topics and arguments can you trace between Loewen and Freire’s essays? What do these connections mean?

2.What issues in the Freire-Loewen conversation are most interesting to you? Why? Are there any examples from your own schooling that you can relate to this conversation?

page 2 of the paper needs to address:
Greene and Lidinsky present three helpful models for formulating a working thesis:

The Misinterpretations model: “Although many have argued X, a careful examination suggests Z.”

The Gap model: “Although others have noted X, they have overlooked the importance of Y.”

The Modification model: “Although I agree with the X and Y ideas of other writers, it is important to extend/refine/limit their ideas in this way…”

These thesis models are certainly not the only options available to you, but they do offer ways to enter an academic conversation and make a contribution that extends beyond merely summarizing or echoing someone else’s ideas.

Choose two of the above thesis models and craft two working thesis statements you could use in this week’s essay.

Both articles need to be referenced.
The second article can be found beginning on page 383 of the book “From inquiry to academic writing but stuart greene and april lidinsky.

Article is: from Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything your American history Textbook Got Wrong.

In your responses, make sure to provide a full answer to all questions, referencing specific moments in Freire’s and Loewen’s texts to support your answers. For all references, use MLA in-text citations.

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