Reverse Logistics

Complete the case study in Section Six of the Custom book (Development and Trends Section). Paper should be 2-4 pages in length. Consider yourself a high paid consultant and write a smooth, seamless and positive analysis of the case followed by solutions to the key issues. This is not a report and it is not a point paper, it is an analysis and it should NOT contain an extended restatement of the case or a summary of the case.

This submission must be 600 to 750 words in length. In all the cases, you will not have all the information you need to provide a definitive solution; make whatever assumptions you need (be sure to indicate what they are and make sure that you have provided a solid basis for the assumption!) and work the case. You will need to apply conceptual thinking to arrive at satisfactory answers for all cases. That means that you will not find the answers for any of the cases in this or any other text  you must go beyond what is there. Merely trying to respond to each symptom listed in the case study is likely to take you in the wrong direction as the real problems lie beyond the case write-up in the text. There should be a title page and 600 to 750 words of report style writing. APA requires that you write in the third person. Therefore “I would, I think, I recommend, you, we and us” are inappropriate. Avoid emotional subjective statements and avoid talking about the need for, or the desire to do, more or future studies.

Solutions, actions, alternatives, and recommendations are required based upon the information given. Be sure to list and justify any assumptions you choose to make.

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