Rewiew of Dirlik

Foremost, you’re required to identify the author’s main argument in relation to the weeks argument is a reasoned statement

you will need to identify the arguments key parts and how they are logically ( or not ) connected ( to from the whole argument)

second you should also ecalute do so you need to ask a number of questions for example: is the argument logical ? does it start from correct assumptions ? how does it compare with other authours wiews on the topic ?
your essay should be well-structed and contain a clear argument of your own.that argument will sent out what you belive is the authors manin argument and your evaluation of it.

your essay should have an introduction in which your argument is summarised.the rest of the essay should be an elaboration of that argument.try beginning your essay with “this essay will argue”

your essay must be fully referended according to accept academic conversation.this includes proper referencing of the author whose article you are reviewing.essays that are not fully referenced will be returned for re submission

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