USING safe horizon’s budgets/financial statements, analyze the non profit Organization’s (safe Horizon) budget for the current year, one previous year ,one previous year (3 years ago) and five years ago).

– Compare and contrast the budget and create a graph to show the difference in the trend of the budget of the years you analyzed.
-Size and what percentage of its revenue is from government and what percent is from other sources. (I.e. from fees, fundraising, United Way, etc.).

-Fundraising and safe horizon budget

-Explain how the organization’s budget has changed from the previous year.(graph needed)

-How will these budget changes affect the operating of the organization?

-Did the organization experience a major change recently?
-Current challenges the organization faces.

-Recommendation for the org for future budgeting.

-What is the position of the person who provided you with this information?

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