Sexual Slavery

Is it our responsibility to help the people of the world?  Globalization has made us more aware of important issues and events around the world, and as global citizens we must determine what our roles should be in helping to solve these problems.
A Long Way Gone (child soldiers/children’s rights), The Distance Between Us (immigration/poverty), and The Road of Lost Innocence (sexual slavery) all focus on young people in different parts of the world who faced dangerous situations due to the social and political conflicts in their countries.
Your essay for this assignment should further explore the problem emphasized in your book, and you must use the book you read as a source of examples; however, you must also need use additional sources.  There is a list with some possible references for each book posted on BB.
In your essay, you should describe the problem, explain and evaluate current and future solutions or lack of solutions, and overall, take a position on the global community’s role in responding to the problem.  While you do need to include information from the book and other sources in this essay, one objective of this Writing Project is to look at these global problems from a human perspective, so it is ok to include your own reactions to Ishmael, Somaly and Reyna’s experiences.

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