Table of Contents

Executive Summary

–    Introduction; Name, type, location, and legal form of business

–           The Company: Founder, management team of business, their experience and   education

–           Products /Services: Brief description of  services and products of business

–          The Market:  Brief descriptions of the industry trend, target market and competitors

–          Financial Conditions:  Loan request, start-up costs and expected sales, and income

–           Business vision, mission, core values, objectives, strategies and key success

Industry Analysis

–     Market size, trend, and attractiveness (Data sources)

–     Customers analysis

–           Competitors analysis

Marketing Strategy

–     Mission statement of marketing department

–     Marketing Mix: Product and service, Promotion, Price, and Distribution

–     Marketing Communication: personal selling, advertising, public relation

–     Summary of your marketing strategy based on Product/Service ( quality), and Price


–     Detail description of the product or service

–     Price

–     Suppliers and product life cycle

–     Copy right, patent, and R&D

Management Team

–          Operations plan

–          Personnel: Org chart, team members, structure

–          Personnel Plan: growth in sales means more employees to support such expansion

Financial Analysis

–    Cost projection: Start-up and recurred cost, monthly expenses, and breakeven point

–    Sales projection for three years

–    Pro Forma financial statements:

* Monthly income statement, net income and profit margin ratio

* Monthly balance sheet, liquidity, ROA, ROE ratios

* Monthly cash flows, sources of cash and uses of cash

The Appendix

–          References

–          Tables, charts…..

–          Contracts, leases….

–          CV’s

–          Outlook , researches

–          Copy of business products, logos, slogan…etc

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