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For this assignment, you will be researching an issue and producing an annotated bibliography of sources that could be used for Writing Project 3 (Synthesis Paper).


Specifically, you will be gathering, reading, and annotating six up-to-date, relevant, and credible sources from the Library that relate to your selected problem or issue. Be sure to review the the reading assignments on annotated bibliographies and evaluating sources before you begin. You should also examine the sample annotated bibliography provided in this folder. Last but not least, review the requirements for the Synthesis Paper.


Your goal is to find sources that can help you understand and synthesize differences of opinion surrounding a particular issue. Your six sources, taken together, should start to give you an overview of the problem or issue from many sides. You should take care to avoid choosing only sources that represent one side of an issue. You should also take care to avoid choosing only sources that are purely factual (such as newspaper reports) and that do not develop a perspective on the problem or issue. Look for a mix of types of sources so that you can successfully develop your overview of the issue. You may find more than six up-to-date, relevant, and credible sources in your research. Choose the best six to read and annotate for this assignment.

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