Social Work and Human Services

CONTEXT FOR POST: The Core Values in social work include social justice, competence, integrity, service, dignity and worth of every individual, self-determination, and the importance of human relationships.

The Code of Ethics and the core values are the platform the professional organization (NASW) uses to fight against the death penalty, for abortion protections, and for equal rights for homosexuals. These are just a few of the more controversial positions the profession takes. You need not agree with these positions to be an effective social worker, but there may be times when you will need to refer your client to another social worker.

Please describe a value conflict you have you might have between social works’ values and ethics and your own personal values. Put your values conflict in the context of societal values as well. For example, if you are for or against equal rights for homosexuals, what is the prevailing mainstream value position? Place your value conflict in the context of the larger societal context. ,

One of the most important things that social workers need to practice is not imposing any moral or value position on clients, one way or the other. This means you should not judge any client, regardless of whether they agree with the profession’s positions or not, and regardless of whether they agree with your own personal value system or not.

What would your value struggles be if you became a social worker? And how would you handle them?

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