Question: Can Education help you with your credit scores?
Summary: Design and Testing of a Small Power Company
2-Part: Power System Operation: How to Survive an Emergency

Introduction: Usually this is the last part of an assignment completed.
Describe your paper… what should the reader expect to read… what will the reader learn

Background (2 >paragraphs ) It this section usually you address the research that has been done. I am not asking you to do this; however, it this section, you must address the following questions:
What do you know about the subject?
You can share any personal experiences or indirect experiences of your subject (your knowledge of the subject).

State of Interest (1-3 paragraphs)
Why are you interested it your subject matter?
Why do you believe that your subject matter should be addressed?

Method/Framework (2 or more paragraphs) Look at Chapter 2 to help with developing your thoughts.
What research method will you use: Qualitative, Quantitative, or both.
Justify why you think that that method is the best method to use to get at a “truth”.

Preliminary Hunch (2 > paragraphs)
Because you are not actually conducting the research, in this section, tell the reader what you think you will find.
Your findings must be supported by your direct or indirect experiences/knowledge of your subject.

Theoretical Perspective (2< paragraphs) (Chapter one introduced the perspectives and they can be found throughout the book)
What Theoretical Perspective will best explain your Preliminary Hunch?

Conclusion (2 < paragraphs) Critical Approach: examine the relationship between your subject and society.
Tell the reader why and/or how your topic is relevant to today’s society.
How will society benefit from your findings (Preliminary Hunch)
How will it help change the world we live in today?

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