Your term project is to research the theorist you have been assigned and then write a paper of about 6 pages that includes the following:

1. Biography: A biography of the person, indicating when he or she lived, where he or she worked, and the key features of the person’s life (about one page);

2. Interests: A description of the principal social facts and behaviors that the theorist sought to explain in his or her work. Some theorists concentrated on one or two such topics; others addressed a wider variety of behaviors (about half a page);

3. Theoretical Strategy or Strategies: A description of the principal theoretical strategy or strategies that the person used in his or her work. A brief summary of one or more representative theoretical explanations advanced by the person should be included here (about two pages);

4. Overall Significance of the Theorist and Major Contributions: A summary of a) the role the person played in the development of sociological theory; 2) major concepts, processes, and ideas introduced by the person; and c) influence of the person on other social scientists, including those of the present day (about one half to one page);

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