Statistics in Sports

Overview: Write about how some statistics are used in a basketball
Statistics now determine strategies and salaries, as well as betting odds in sports pools. A knowledge of statistics can help to answer many questions in baseball and other sports. For example, can a high batting average for a baseball player be overrated? Does it matter that the calculation of a batting average ignores the difference between singles and extra-base hits? What does a “mean” bowling score represent? ETC.
In his article, entitled Thinking outside the box score, George Will says: The arrival of statistical fluency has changed the way baseball is played. The arrival can be dated from Branch Rickey’s hiring of Allan Roth in 1947 to wield his pencil – baseball numeracy is not a gift recently conferred by computers….. (Wills, New York Times, August 15, 2004, page 10).
The paper must include:
1. Brief description of basketball and explanation of how some statistics are used in the sport.
2. Find several variables (measurements or categories) that are often used in basketball to compute different statistics.
3. Provide at least one visual representation of statistics using either a histogram, pie chart, or scatter plot.
4. Explain or at least speculate on the relationship between some of the variables found in basketball
5. What kind of statistical formulas (equations) are often used in basketball

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