Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak

Charismatic & Transformational Leaders Scoring Criteria (Minimum 750 words)

1.    Discuss briefly the organization for whom they worked or led; include perhaps how they came to be affiliated, if not their own start-up organization(2)

2.    Describe the issues they discovered and then the change/s they brought to the organization (Be very specific)    (5)

3.    What circumstance/s precipitated the change        (5)

4.    Include the names of other individuals or other organizations who joined their enterprise, or whom they might have solicited to join the enterprise. Include, if possible, a statement from the organization or individual/s suggesting why they signed on (corporate, government, individual)     (5)

5.    Provide a testimonial of at least one other person or publication paying tribute to the individual. A testimonial is a statement of appreciation or admiration, not just a quote    (3)

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