study guide-global inequality

Global Stratification

How is modernization defined according to sociologists?

Outline the Modernization approach to global inequality, including Rostow’s stages.

What are the critiques of Modernization theory?

Outline the “Colonial” approach to global inequality. Think: how would they respond to a Modernization theorist?

Outline the concept of Neo-Colonialism. How is it different from older Colonial forms?

Outline the World Systems approach to global inequality.

According to the World Systems approach, what are the 3 classes of countries and what are the different characteristics of each?

Why is global debt an important factor in global inequality?

What is the International Monetary Fund? How does it propose to work?

What are structural adjustments put on developing nations?

What is the World Bank? How does it propose to work?

Outline the basic premise of the Multinational Corporation in relation to a global assembly line (see flowchart for reference).

Outline the fundamental tenets that underlie modern slavery.

What are the characteristics of the 3 forms of modern slavery? (See Bales for additional reference).

What are the major factors that contribute to the persistence of modern slavery? (See Bales for additional reference).

What is the difference between relative and absolute poverty? Which is more problematic at the global level?

Note: When asked for examples to illustrate, you need to provide a UNIQUE example for each. Each one should be different. You also need to explain why the example fits, not just list them.

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