Teacher’s Career

Instructions Guidelines : This assignment is to design a source book which carries this title (Weather Forcast and atmosphere changes). So you will talk about weather changes and disaster theme NOT SIMPLE WEATHER Please you have to follow the following instructions carefully:

Objectives for Assignment: -Students will demonstrate their ability to create ORIGINAL, communicative, integrated skills activities by taking a theme-based piece of realia and developing one language learning lesson that effectively teaches a concept while also focusing on the development of language skills. –
Students will demonstrate their ability to differentiate a language activity by redesigning their ORIGINAL, integrated skills activity to address different language proficiency levels.

Parameters: The source book will contain the following elements:

1. A brief (1-2page) introduction to the theme/content and explain how it can serve as a rich source for creating integrated language learning units/modules.

2. A table of contents that represents the students’ completion of the following activities: Regarding the sources, not all of them are books, they are as the following: A. Collect 10 short pieces of original text – ONE from each of the following:

1) Video clip from a YouTube video, TV show episode, etc.

2) Newspaper (expository text)

3) Picture

4) Song

5) Book

6) Movie

7) Internet Page

8) Advertisement

9)Timeline, Map, or Graphic

10) Poem or Creative Prose

Make sure and give full citations with each original text.

B. Create Teaching Materials

The instructional materials should be tasks, activities, and exercises. Use the textbooks from the course to inform your creation of materials. Design your tasks and activities as best as you can so that they show integration of the skills. Remember to include the elements of a lesson: intended audience, goals, objectives, materials, procedures, etc. 1) Create ONE full, ORIGINAL lesson for ONE proficiency level for each source. 2) Create ONE caveat for differentiation for each of the other TWO proficiency levels. Create ONE caveat for differentiation for at least ONE other AGE level

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