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In the excerpt from Pedagogy of the Oppressed that we read, Paolo Freire considers the implications of two different educational methods. This essay is an opportunity for you to think more critically about your own education, using some of the ideas discussed by Freire. You should use your own experience in any kind of educational setting (college, high school, coaching/sports, summer school or ANY other educational setting, traditional or otherwise) to create a THESIS that positions itself in relation to Freire’s understanding of banking and problem posing education. In the way that you used your observations in your 3rd essay to craft a thesis that built off of Pollan’s ideas, you will use your own educational history to create a thesis in relation to Freire. As with the previous essay, you should provide quotations from Freire to support your argument and analysis. Some questions to consider:

In what ways/instances was my educational experience similar to the banking method?

In what ways was it similar to the problem posing method?

How did different educational settings use different educational techniques?

In which kinds of educational settings did my instructors allow me to be active? Which kinds of settings encouraged passive learning?

Was I involved in educational settings outside of the traditional classroom? (sports, music lessons, summer programming….) How were these settings similar or different to traditional classrooms?

In what ways could my educational experience said to have been oppressive? In what ways was it liberating?

Were there “facts” that I learned that critical thinking has allowed me to question?

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