Technology & Global Issues

Do falling birth rates pose a threat to human welfare?

Is there sufficient scientific evidence to conclude that cell phones cause cancer?

Should DDT be banned worldwide?

Should potential risks slow the development of nanotechnology?

Are genetically modified foods safe to eat?

Is the use of animals in research justified?

Is it ethically permissible to clone human cells?

Should we reject the “Transhumanist” goal of genetically, electronically, and mechanically

Enhanced human beings?

Can machines be conscious?

Is IT a threat to privacy?

Should the world’s libraries be digitized?


Essay Questions: 

  1. Discuss advances in stem cell technology


Question 1 explained

  • Define it
  • What are the applications of the stem cell (i.e. In what applications has stem cell been used? What are future possibilities? Whether or not there are any morale or ethical problems.
  1. Discuss the idea that a proposed association between an environmental agent and a disease must have a biologically plausible mechanism.  Can or should an association be accepted without a mechanism?  Under what circumstances?


Question 2 explained

  • cause & effect relationship
  • explain biologically what happens when we or cell is exposed to certain agents
  • make distinction between all (i.e. smoking, cellphones)
  • evidence & conclusion

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