The expansion of surveillance techniques in society

A review of the evidence that suggests an expansion in surveillance techniques e.g. looking at CCTV, mobile phone tracking, webcams in nurseries, google mapping, cookies, facebook ‘checking in’ etc. (10 pages long)

Material to use: Andrejevic, Mark. 2004. The work of watching one another: lateral surveillance, risk and governance Surveillance and society, 2(4) : 479-497

Blanchette, Jean Francois et al. 2002 ‘Data retention and the panoptic society:the social benefits of forgetfulness’ The inforamtion society, 18, (1) 33-45

Burns, David R. et al. 2007. Virtual borders and surveillance in the digital age, International journal of media, and cultural politics, 3(3) 325-341

Foucault, M. 1977. Discipline and Punish: the birth of a prison. London: Penguin books

Koskela, H. 2003. Cam era- the contemporary urban panopticon, Surveillance and Scoiety 1(3) 292-313

Leistert, O. 2012. Resistance agains cyber surveillance within social movements and how surveillance adapts, Surveillance and society 9(4) 441-456

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