The free market perspective

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Historically arguments in support of accounting regulation (the pro-regulation perspective) and arguments against accounting regulation (the free market perspective) have been influenced by political, social, economic and research consequences.

This assignment requires you to critique and provide evidence as to the logical reasoning of each of the above two main approaches to regulation. Within your response you are required to provide examples of the political, social, economic and research influences that have historically impacted on the level of accounting regulation in a developed economy with established security markets. You are also required to provide your view as to which perspective you believe should be adopted.

Part A: (ULO2; GLO 1, 2, 4)
After watching the video, present an overview of how you would approach the above issue in your own video presentation. Your video presentation should include a discussion of how you plan to approach and complete your assignment. Include milestones, time frames for achieving the milestones, references that you plan to use, etc. Discussion should also include how you plan to incorporate the research articles and other literature that you have initially identified as important.

As a group assignment, both members of the group must be included in the video to indicate how you plan to delegate the work between the two of you for part (b) of your group assignment.

Part B: (ULO2; GLO 1, 2, 4)
Write a research essay on your views as to which of the two approaches to accounting reporting (free market or pro-regulation) you believe would be most appropriate in a developed economy with established security markets. You are required to review at least 3 peer-reviewed academic papers that will demonstrate how the literature relates to the problem at hand. A review and discussion of the literature needs to be presented to set the stage for the remaining sections of the assignment.
The literature reviewed, together with newspaper articles, textbooks and other reliable sources of literature, will need to be used to fully explain your viewpoints and support your decision.
It is NOT sufficient to merely list down the positives and negatives of each approach. Rather, you are required to critique each approach and provide evidence as to the circumstances in which you consider each to be appropriate. Also, your arguments MUST be substantially supported by academic literature and other relevant materials to justify your viewpoint.

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