The Misery By Anton Chekhov

Consider your audience for this essay a fellow student who is not in our class. Therefore, you will need to provide as much background information as your reader would need to understand your argument. This background information varies depending on the type of work analyzed, namely poem, narrative fiction, or play. However, in general, it includes title of work, date of publication, author’s name, setting (time and place of fictional world) very brief summary of plot conflict of story or play or dramatic situation of poem, main characters if story or play, and type of narrator if story. Do not provide more background information than your reader needs to understand your argument. Therefore, do not present longish summaries of the play or story, for your goal is to develop your argument with your reader. Truly, the hero of academic writing is your insight into the topic you are discussing, and your ability to explain, analyze, or argue this insight

In any event, your essay must have (and will be rated by) the following characteristics:

· An arguable point (thesis);

· Unified and coherent development of your thesis;

· Substantial and specific support for your thesis;

· Well-organized body paragraphs;

· An effective concluding paragraph; and

· Effective editing and proofreading (that is, very few spelling, punctuation, mechanical, and grammatical errors).

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